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Welcome to Avalina Senior Living, where culinary artistry meets elegance. Immerse yourself in an exceptional dining experience, showcasing innovative dishes crafted by award-winning chefs. Discover our commitment to sustainability, diverse menu selections, and exclusive member benefits, all set in an ambiance that redefines luxury.

  1. Daily Changing Menu: Experience a new culinary adventure each day with our chef’s unique creations.
  2. Luxurious Dining Experience: Dine in the sophisticated and tranquil environment of Avalina’s.
  3. Fresh and High-Quality Ingredients: Savor meals prepared with only the finest ingredients.
  4. Dietary Diversity: Enjoy a variety of meals tailored to diverse dietary needs and preferences.
  5. Signature Dishes: Indulge in our renowned dishes like the Peanut Butter Tartufo, Seafood Cioppino, and Beef Wellington.
  6. Personalized Menus: Benefit from custom menus designed for individuals with specific dietary requirements.
  7. Exquisite Service: Appreciate the dedication and politeness of our exceptional staff.
  8. Event Catering: Custom catering services for your special events in the community.

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